How to Install Instagram Auto Bot Tools In Termux.


How to Install Instagram Auto Bot Tools In Termux

Instagram Auto Bot Tools.

About : This script contains different tools which help you to automate instagram actions. 

Tool Features

  1. Botlike v2
  2. Delete All Media
  3. Unfollow All Following.
  4. Unfollow Not Follow Back
  5. Follow Followers Target
  6. Follow Accounts By Media
  7. Follow Accounts By Hashtag
  8. Follow Accounts By Location
  9. Follow Followers Target No Like
  10. Follow Followers Target No Comment & Like
  11. Bomb Like Post Target
  12. Bomb Comment Post Target 
For install this tool in termux open termux app and type this commands one by one.

Installation & Run Commands Termux.

pkg up -y

pkg install nodejs -y 

pkg install git -y

git clone

cd bot-igeh


npm install instagram-private-api

npm audit fix

node index

After that choose any action that you want to perform by this bot. For select tools you can use up and down arrows which given at lower right corner of termux. After selecting tool hit enter and tool will be started.

Then login with your instagram account by entering username and password. Then setup delay between actions and number of task.

Your tool will be started. Enjoy !

Don't use this tool for harm anyone. We are not responsible for any illegal activity done by you. All content provided by this website is meant for educational purposes only.

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