Install T-Login Voice Command Interface in Termux

 Hello guys🙋 in this post i described about how you can install T-Login voice command interface in termux it feels like artificial intelligence in your terminal, just follow the below instructions and you are able to install T-Login in termux.

How to install T-Login in Termux?

Install T-Login Voice Command Interface in Termux

  • Now lock your termux terminal with tlogin
  • With the help of this tool you can lock the terminal, by putting seprate username and password.

Step 1:

First you need to install some packages to install tlogin in termux. Type the following commands.

apt update && apt upgrade -y 

Step 2:

Install git tool which is used to install T-login tool.

apt install git -y

Step 3:

Now type the following command

git clone

Step 4:

cd tlogin

Step 5:


Removing T-Login Voice Lock : 

To remove the T-login voice command just type this



Conclusion :

I wish this post will help you. Termux is the best application to learn free ethical hacking, so use termux in ethics way to protect yourself from malwares and viruses. My best application is termux ever. If you are facing any issue make sure you comment, share your experiences and as always stay Ethical, Stay Safe.

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