Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

Hello guys welcome to my blog. This topic is related to installing Termux Ani-CLI in termux in android in 2022. In this post we detailed explained about watching anime in termux using  Termux Ani-CLI tool.

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

What is Termux Ani-CLI Tool?

Ani-CLI is a tool create by pystardust that scrape gogoanmie website to watch anime using just your terminal. You can watch Anime by searching the anime name in terminal. It is free of cost and it needs an external media player. Although you don't have any media player it always runs on your default browser. It's ads free and even you downloaded video to watch it in offline.

How to install Ani-CLI in Termux?


To install Ani-CLI in termux you have run the following command in terminal. All Commands are Combined together to get you easier to install ani cli in termux. Which saves your time.

pkg update -y ; pkg install git make termux-tools ncurses-utils openssl-tool -y ; git clone ; cd ani-cli ; cp ani-cli $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/ani-cli ; echo 'termux-open "$2"' > $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; chmod +x $PREFIX/bin/mpv ; cd ; mkdir .cache

If Termux asks anything like update or something just press Enter. And the command will be successfully run.


After installing the tool using termux you have to go to the playstore and search for mpv-android if you have any media player like VLC Media player or MX player then you don't need to install any media player.

How to use Termux Ani-CLI?

STEP 1 :

To use ani-cli tool and start watching anime in your termux you just have to type ani-cli ther is no matter if you are in other directory.

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

STEP 2 :

Now a option like "Search Anime" is shown in the terminal, just type your anime name that you want to watch and press Enter. My favourite anime is ONE-PUNCHMAN  so i am going to type the name here.

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

STEP 3 :

A list of ONEPUNCHMAN series are shown below tou have to choosen out which series you want to see. Just type the number in Terminal and hit enter.

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

STEP 4 :

Now choose the episode number you want to see and hit enter. 

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI

STEP 5 :

At last it will redirect you to external media player that you install. If you want to play next episodes just type "N" in terminal and press Enter. To stop watching anime just type "Q" in terminal to quit.

Watch Anime In Termux For Free Using Anil-CLI


I wish this post will help you. Termux is the best application to learn free ethical hacking, so use termux in ethics way to protect yourself from malwares and viruses. My best application is termux ever. If you are facing any issue make sure you comment, share your experiences and as always stay Ethical, Stay Safe.

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